Nicolas Dousson

Self Taught Web Developer

Nicolas Dousson

Web Developer, computer and car enthusiast.

Enthusiast about computing since my first computer, i have always been curious about technology. With age, my desires and my skills has evolved and my ambitions too.

Thanks to my studies, i have started to forged my path and today, it's in the web development that i have based my future. Only the time will me know if it was the right choice.

Despite my orientation in web development, i don't forget my love for hardware and automotive.

My skills

With the time and projects, everyone learn how to control the power of the web technologies. Here is some that i use daily.

Predilections languages

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • SASS
  • MySQL

Essentials frameworks

  • Symfony
  • React / VueJS
  • UIkit
  • Bootstrap

Work tools

  • PHPStorm
  • Docker
  • Windows / MacOS
  • Edge / Firefox

With all of this, i realize everything that is asked me and if i don't success, i take a look at the official documentation, ask Google, StackOverflow or even my colleagues.

My projects

Outside my professional "area", i try to maintain my skills to propose the best about myself, being alone or in a group. Thanks to my personals projects, i continue to discover things about the web world ... and not that. "Hardware" and automotive has there place too.

My blog

I had always liked share things and this blog is for me the best place. You will find everything and anything.

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Discover is a space where i store a bunch of "albums" containing pictures and details about my projects and adventures.

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Nicolas DOUSSON ~ Earthling since 1994, Pro Developer since 2015. Design of 2022.